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Community Outreach

Giving A Glimmer of Hope


Montgomery Crisis Center

Christina Thornton is the director of the Emergency Management Agency. She started the Montgomery Crisis Center in the thick of the pandemic, when shelters for homeless people reduced their capacities to quell the spread of COVID.  The Montgomery Crisis Center is at 3446 Le Bron Rd, Montgomery, AL, a spot that is close to bus stops and centrally located within the city and county.  At the warming center, there are separate rooms for women, men and families.  Individuals receive hot meals, showers, and clean clothing.  Montgomery, AL Chapter of the GMWA provides clothing, food, and toiletries to the Montgomery Crisis Center to help the homeless citizens in our community.  At our annual Christmas concert, we ask individuals to donate clothing items or a minimum of $25 to help with these efforts. 

L.O.S.S. - Life of Solid Strength

 Montgomery, AL Chapter of the GMWA provides clothing and toiletries to  L.O.S.S. of Montgomery, AL to help individuals who suffering with mental illness, depression, and disadvantaged.  We ask individuals to donate a minimum of  $25 to help with these efforts. 

Global Outreach

Destiny Christian Academy

"During a WIMI (Women In Ministry International) meeting, while praying with the women of Moselolo village the women raised their biggest concerns to Dr. Lauretta Will Sillah about the lack of school in their village. Upon sharing this with Apostle Kemi Searcy, her heart was touched thinking of her own childhood educational struggles in Ghana, so the Apostle and her husband Bishop Kyle Searcy, spearheaded the project to erect a school, leading to the Bishop’s visit to Sierra Leone. ("

The Montgomery, AL Chapter of the GMWA has a desire to assist more than 600 school-aged children who are unschooled in Moseilolo Village, Moyamba District, including 9 other villages like Mombassa, Mosenengoh, Mokango, Mokebbie, Mokombo among others who have no access to any school in Southern Kenya, Africa along the Indian Ocean.  Lack of education in these remote villages results in rampant child labor, poverty rate, low literacy rate, unemployment, child marriages and early pregnancy, and more.

School feeding in Turkana school - Kenya_0.jpg

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