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Our Vision

To be aligned with the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc., we have developed a vision statement for the 2022-2024 Montgomery AL Chapter's Administration.

“Raising The Level of Excellence in the Christian Worship Experience Through Gospel Music”


This administration has four initiatives. "Reclaiming the Church Choirs" will serve as the administration’s “Foundation Initiative” as we strengthen our bonds to support local churches’ music ministries. 

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We will intentionally take time to rehearse as often as possible to present gospel music in forms of HYMNS, SPIRITUALS, 
CHORALE-STYLE MUSIC, TRADITIONAL & CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL STYLES.  We will engage in an interactive high impact worship leadership development program that will strengthen the applied skills and knowledge of liturgical practices within the local church.  With our 

Concert Series, it is our efforts to recruit new members to grow our membership by 40%, totally to 100 members.


Montgomery, AL Chapter of GMWA is structured and operated as an organization with bylaws and governance according to the Gospel Music Workshop of America,



With partnerships of faith-based organizations and local civic organizations, Montgomery, AL Chapter will collaborate and combine resources and efforts with mission-based activities or community service projects at least once a year.


Educate Youth Creatives is a youth-led and highly interactive development program designed to empower and engage youth, ages 10-18. The young people will explore their creativity in the performing arts. This program will specifically partner with the Montgomery, AL Chapter Georgia Lee Stafford Black Scholarship Committee and the Montgomery Public Schools High Choral Programs to develop a singing ensemble and provide an opportunity for high school seniors to win the Georgia Lee Stafford Black Scholarship upon entering college.

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