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#GrowWithGospel Movement

Welcome to the #GrowWithGospel Movement of the Montgomery, AL Chapter of the GMWA!

The Montgomery, AL Chapter of the GMWA is more than a community gospel choir and a non-profit organization that gives to the disadvantage.  This organization is comprised of Christian believers and gospel music lovers that train and equip members of the faith-based community with tools to improve the worship experience in local churches and ministries of all denominations.  At the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, many churches realized that there were many deficits lingering in their Worship & Arts Ministry.  Their church plant and growth depends on the development of a valuable worship experience during each worship service.  The Worship & Arts Ministry of any church is an artistic expression that is an integral part of enhancing our church’s weekly worship experience. The ministry should craft presentations and special events to lead a congregation in a way that is (1) relevant, (2) experiential, (3) innovative and (4) a catalyst for individuals to cultivate a relationship with Christ.


In efforts to expand Montgomery, AL Chapter, Dr. Diana S. Gray, an executive officer, created a movement - The #GrowWithGospel Movement.  This movement is designed to raise awareness of the deficiencies and shortfalls that the faith-based community is facing in regards to Worship and Arts, which highly affects church plant and growth. Churches are faced with limited access to quality musicians, singers, worship leaders, and even technology.  Therefore, the Montgomery, AL Chapter offers solutions by providing  resources that are needed to the ministries and churches through  worship arts training, performances, collaborations, and equipping all gospel music lovers in efforts to improve worship experiences within the local church.  The God we serve is an excellent God. When He created the world, He made it to be very good. When He blesses us, He blesses us abundantly and graciously. And when it came time that He would give the sacrifice that would justify the whole world, He gave His very best -- His only begotten Son.  As God has given and served us with only His very best, who are we to withhold our best from God? If we truly understand God's grace, we will respond in giving excellent service and grace to God and to others. We believe in the Word as it is written in Psalm 150:2, ""Praise him for his mighty deeds; praise him according to his excellent greatness."


On Sunday, January 08, 2023,  the Montgomery, AL Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc.  will have the inaugural #GrowWithGospel:The Round Up event, featuring guest panel speakers who serve Gospel Music Workshop of America - Dr. Eloise Ford Gaffney and Dr. Prince Yelder, both of Birmingham, Alabama.

All Hands In

Become A #GrowWithGospel Troop

Are you ready to step into your power and join forces by becoming a  #GrowWithGospel Troop? A #GrowWithGospel Troop is one who moves from Bystander to Advocate.  Let's interrupt the consistent practices of mediocrity to celebrating the Risen Savior with the spirit of excellence within the worship arts of our churches.  Join hands with Montgomery, AL Chapter of the GMWA by inviting all Christian believers and gospel music lovers to training sessions, musicals, and special programs that promote the Good News through sacred music.  Volunteer your time as a Clergyman, Clergywoman, lay person, prayer warrior, usher, concert goer, a host, or even a donor of various resources to support these efforts of the Montgomery, AL Chapter as the organization provides tools of equipment to members of the faith-based community.  And lastly, become a #GrowWithGospel Troop by giving a yearly, tax deductible financial gift of a minimum of $100.00.  With your donation, the Montgomery, AL Chapter is able to produce church music workshops and other special trainings for individuals and church groups.  Additionally, you are able to participate at all levels of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, including being a delegate during the annual national convention. We thank you in advance for strengthening the #GrowWithGospel Movement. 

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