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Our Story

Mrs. Georgia Lee Stafford Black had a vision. Having an organization of all the choirs of the Montgomery-Antioch District Music Department was the dream of our music coordinator, Mrs. Georgia L. Stafford Black.  This “Song Bird of the South” was Minster of Music for 38 years at the Historic Holt Street Baptist Church.  In 1984 the first step was made to make this dream a reality.

Under the leadership and guidance of Mrs. Black, the Montgomery Chapter Mass Choir of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc. was founded.  The national guidelines of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc., founded by the late Rev. James Cleveland, only required any prospective member to be a member of a local church congregation.  Since 1984 we have been engaged in music workshops that are held in different churches of our city and surrounding areas.  Our first workshop was held First Baptist Church, North Ripley Street of Montgomery, AL, a place where we now meet for rehearsals and call our home.

Today, we are a non-profit corporation, recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization that is exclusively for religious, charitable, and educational purposes where we educate individuals to enhance religious music in faith-based organizations, host music trainings, provide scholarships to high school seniors, and provide relief to the poor and distressed.  As a choir ministry, we rehearse every 2nd and 4th Mondays, or as often as needed.  Throughout the year, we perform around the River Region of Montgomery, AL and attend the National Convention of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Inc.  

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